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Other Books by B. Heinzen


Development: Surviving Uncertainty. Volume 47, Number 4, December 2004.
Journal issue, guest editor. Published by Society for International Development and Palgrave Macmillan. see order form in PDF file

The Society for International Development has been publishing this journal for over fifty years. In 2004, after organizing three national level scenarios exercises in East Africa, SID decided to devote one issue of the journal to the use of scenarios in the public interest. They asked Barbara Heinzen to be the guest editor, and she invited her colleagues from around the world to contribute descriptions of their experiences in this area. The issue appeared in December 2004. It addresses the question of how society can manage and survive the great variety of uncertainties we face today.

The Power of the Tale: Using narratives for organizational success.
Julie Allan, Gerard Fairtlough & Barbara Heinzen. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, © 2001.ISBN: 0-470-84227- email for orders

In the late 1990s, these three colleagues began putting together a book on how organisations can use story-telling to increase their effectiveness. The book drew on the experience of all three authors, including Julie Allan’s work in psychology and communities of practice, Gerard Fairtlough’s work as company executive in chemicals and biotechnology and Barbara Heinzen’s use of various story-telling exercises during the development of scenarios in Kenya. The authors use stories to illustrate their central arguments, while also offering theoretical support for storytelling and a chapter on techniques to use.

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